The certificate of conformity for EX-proof equipment (this document is sometimes called as the Explosion Protection Certificate) is a document, which proves that duly identified Ex-proof equipment conforms to the specific standard for the type of explosion protection.

All ex-proof equipment including ex-proof parts of other equipment and sets are listed in the "Nomenclature of products (works) and services, which should be certified in a mandatory manner under legislative acts of the Russian Federation". The ex-proof equipment certification is carried out to all goods used in ex-areas.

GlobalSertex is a certification body that is able to obtain this certificate in a very short time. We have our own experts, laboratories, and relevant accreditations to issue these documents ourselves.

Explosion-proof equipment is classified as hazardous equipment subject to certification. The Certificate of Conformity on ex-proof equipment can be obtained using several certification schemes. General procedures of the mandatory certification are specified on the Resolution of RF Standardization Metrology and Certification Committee "On confirmation of "Rules of a certification of electrical equipment for explosive mediums" of 19.03.03 № 28/10.

Ex-proof Equipment

Main principles of explosion safety are regulated all over the world. They are based on the recommendations of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which offered uniform methods of testing radio communication equipment for conformity and released them to the relevant centers in Europe and in the United States. The approaches and methods of classification are very similar despite having different names for the standards in their respective countries (GOST in Russia, ATEX in Europe, FM in the USA).

That is why, if equipment is certified as explosion-proof by a certification office in Europe or the USA after passing inspection, it stands to reason that this equipment will also successfully obtain certification in the GosGorTechNadzor of Russia. It is important to know that reception of the Russian certificate of conformity for ex-proof equipment (certificate of conformity in explosion-proof version) is necessary and doesn’t depend on the presence of another international certificate.