The Certificate of Conformity is an official document confirming compliance of goods that are subject to certification of standard quality and safety. These are specified by current regulations (GOSTs and technical regulations of the Russian Federation). The GOST R system dates back to the time of the Soviet Union. At present, this system still remains relevant and is used within the territory of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the technical regulation was designed to harmonize national standards and resulted in reforming the competitive growth of native producers in Russia in accordance with the relevant federal law. Technical Regulations (TR TS Declarations) replace the old GOST system.

GOST R Certificate of Conformity

The Russian Federation adopted an ordinance in February of 2010 that determines which products are subject to mandatory certification, and which products require only a declaration. The products that need only a declaration may be certified on a voluntary basis. The certificate obtained is a full confirmation of compliance for specific products to the standards of quality and safety specified by current regulations.

A valid certificate represents product reliability and has shown to increase consumer demand. Many business leaders certify their products for compliance with technical regulations or GOST R aimed to increase sales levels, even when certification is solely voluntary.

CTR Certificate

The CTR Certificate is an official document confirming the absolute compliance of a specific product with the requirements determined in the Technical Regulations. Only a certification body with direct accreditation from the Government Agency can issue a certificate. The Certificates of Conformity were introduced as a result of the implementation of the standardization system reform, in accordance with the Federal Law No. 184 "On Technical Regulation" of 2002. This law also determines the regulations for the issuing of certificates of Conformity; its main identifying feature is the specific procedure required. The law lists specifically which products are subject to certification.

GlobalSertex has all of relevant accreditations necessary to carry out the compliance procedures outlined in the Technical Regulations requirements.

Voluntary GOST R certification

A voluntary certification follows the same procedures. However, the requesting company has the ability to select the products in this case.

The time required to execute a certificate may take up to 7 days, and depends on the type of product(s) being certified and the type of certificate required or selected.